The KBS Society journal has published a new issue of IJADR

The papers in this issue are listed below and can be downloaded from This issue includes authors from Australia, Columbia, Ghana, Germany, Sweden and the United States.

Vol 3, No 2 (2014)


Alcohol’s harm to others: Quantifying a little or a lot of harm

Sarah Callinan


Determinants of drink-driving and association between drink-driving and road traffic fatalities in Ghana

James Damsere-Derry, Francis Afukaar, Gavan Palk, Mark King


Alcohol’s harm to others: Using qualitative research to complement survey findings

Elizabeth Manton, Sarah MacLean, Anne-Marie Laslett, Robin Room


The association between alcohol restriction policies and vehicle-related mortality in Cali, Colombia, 1998-2008

Jorge Mena, Álvaro I. Sánchez, María Isabel Gutiérrez, Juan-Carlos Puyana, Brian Suffoleto


The effect of sample selection on the distinction between alcohol abuse and dependence

Martin Steppan, Daniela Piontek, Ludwig Kraus


Alcohol use and health care utilization in rural Liberia: Results of a community-based survey for basic public health indicators

Ana A. Weil, Corey M. Cameron, Jacob Soumerai, Kerry L. Dierberg, Alphonso Geelue Mouwon, David R. Kraemer, Daniela Lewy, Patrick T. Lee, John D. Kraemer, Mark J. Siedner