SARN Think Tank: ‘Informing the future alcohol-related research priorities and agenda in Scotland’

The Scottish Alcohol Research Network (SARN) hosted a Think Tank event on Friday 6th March at the Centre for Carbon Innovation in Edinburgh.

The event was to help promote alcohol-related research and development activities across and between sectors with the aim of working collaboratively. The event was attended by researchers, policy makers, NGOs, service users and service providers, who exchanged their ideas and established constructive partnerships.

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    Dr Aisha Holloway and Eric Carlin

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Alcohol in 2015 Manifestos

Last year an All Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse (APPG) was released urging political partied to adopt 10 key alcohol policies ahead of the 2015 election.

The recommendations were as follows:

1. Make reducing alcohol harms the responsibility of a single government minister with clear accountability

2. Introduce a minimum unit price for alcoholic drinks

3. Introduce public health as a fifth licensing objective, enabling local authorities to make licensing decisions based on local population health need and the density of existing outlets

4. Strengthen regulation of alcohol marketing to protect children and young people

5. Increase funding for treatment and raise access levels from 6% to 15% of problem drinkers

6. Commissioners should prioritise the delivery of Identification and Brief Advice. Identification and Brief Advice should be delivered in a wide range of different settings including health care, involving GPs routinely asking questions, and in-workplace programmes

7. Include a health warning on all alcohol labels and deliver a government-funded national public awareness campaign on alcohol-related health issues

8. For all social workers, midwives and healthcare professionals, introduce mandatory training on parental substance misuse, foetal alcohol syndrome disorder and alcohol-related domestic violence

9. Reduce the blood alcohol limit for driving in England and Wales to 50mg/100ml, starting with drivers under the age of 21

10. Introduce the widespread use of sobriety orders to break the cycle of alcohol and crime, antisocial behaviour and domestic violence

Find out what the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Green Party have to say about alcohol in their 2015 manifestos at:

Alcohol Policy in Practice Postgraduate CPD Course

The University of Stirling are delighted to announce that the Alcohol Policy in Practice course run by the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS) is now ready to take applicants.

The course offers excellent, current and robust learning about issues in alcohol policy and practice, and a unique opportunity to network with leading academics and policy-makers in this field. The course is aimed at those involved in alcohol strategy or reducing alcohol-related harm locally or regionally. Please circulate the attached flyer to all your networks. We can facilitate early invoicing to enable use of 2013/14 funds where relevant.

You can read more about the course on our website, download the full programme or access the course flier.

If you would like to receive occasional emails about this course and other news from UKCTAS in future you can check out the details and sign up here.

Enquiries should be directed to Niamh Fitzgerald, Course Co-Ordinator at the University of Stirling.