PresenterPresentation Link
Heather Galway, Assistant Clerk, Health & Sport CommitteeHeather Galway, Health and Sport Committee
Prof. Lawrie Elliott & Dr. Anne WhittakerDrink Wise Age Well
Eric Carlin Introduction to SARN Think Tank
Serenity CafeSerenity Presentation at SARN Think Tank
Prof. Iain Crombie Alcohol Brief Intervention Extending the Reach
Dr. Alasdair ForsythThe Role of Entertainers in Alcohol Marketing and Crowd Control
David WhiteleyHepatitis C and its Treatment: Qualitative Insights into the Contemporary Lived Experience
Jacqui CharltonType 1 diabetes and alcohol consumption: The development of an intervention to minimise acute glucose complications
Naomi WaddellInterpersonal trauma, substance misuse and pregnancy – A phenomenological exploration of pregnant women and midwives in Scotland
Hannah CarverSubstance use communication between looked after young people and formal carers
Dr. Jan Gill Discussion & Thoughts from Harmful Drinking Study