QMJC #4 Write-up

Meeting #4 (February 2021) – Thurnell-Read (2011)

In our fourth meeting on Tuesday 23 February, we discussed Thurnell-Read, T. 2011. ‘Common-sense’ research: Senses, emotions and embodiment in researching stag tourism in Eastern Europe. Methodological Innovations Online, 6(3), pp.39-49. doi: 10.4256/mio.2011.005

This fascinating study uses the stag weekend as a lens to explore men’s drinking, masculinities and the male body, adding to a relatively recent body of work which focuses on alcohol and men’s gendered identity […] Thurnell-Read (2011) draws on in-depth participant observation with eight groups of British men in Krakow old town centre who are ‘off the leash and out of control’ to question previous assumptions about men invariably being expected to demonstrate ‘manliness’ by ‘holding’ their drink and exerting control over their bodies…. [Read on]

Professor Carol Emslie

Read the full report on the SSA website