Tim Laxton

PhD Candidate at Glasgow Caledonian University

Working Title: Stigma of alcohol dependency and its impact on recovery

Supervisors: Professor Paul Flowers, Dr Alasdair Forsyth, Dr Helen Mason


Stigma directly associated with alcohol dependency has been seen to deter and prevent treatment seeking (Fortney et al., 2004; Kushner and Sher, 1991). To help understand the causes of stigma and the impact it has on alcohol dependency treatment it is important to know both treatment providers and users perceptions and needs. A sample of approximately 60 adults (30 service providers of alcohol dependency treatment & 30 service users who have been in treatment or are in treatment for alcohol dependence, some of whom will / will not have criminal histories) will be involved in the study. This study will be undertaken in 2 stages with each stage of the study taking place in treatment centres across Lanarkshire. The first stage will consist of 20 one to one semi structured interviews (10 service providers and 10 service users) lasting 60 minutes on issues related to stigma and the treatment of alcohol dependency. The second stage will involve individuals (20 service providers and 20 service users) arranging statements in order of their preference lasting approximately 60 minutes. Q methodology will be used in the second stage of the study in order to explore and identify participant’s perceptions of stigma of alcohol dependency and its impact on recovery. Q methodology is a mixed method which combines both qualitative and quantitative techniques.

For further information please contact: Tim.Laxton@Gcu.ac.uk