Mark McCannMark is a research fellow at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow. Before joining the Unit, Mark studied Psychology (BSc), Social research methods (MRes), and Epidemiology (PhD) at Queen’s University Belfast. His Masters and PhD projects linked administrative datasets – the 2001 Census, health records, death records and health care inspectorate records – to study mortality rates, and determinants of admission to care homes for older people. Mark is particularly interested in quantitative research methods, and mental health, alcohol & drug use and has recently completed a postgraduate certificate in Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of Glasgow.

Mark’s fellowship in the MRC unit is based around trying to use modern methods for understanding complex causal mechanisms to better inform the development of public health interventions. In particular, a focus on what causes alcohol problems. Other current research projects include a study to understand how social networks influence health behaviours in young people, a NIHR-funded project looking at the reasons people use ‘legal highs’, a systematic review of interventions for children of problem drinkers, and evaluating how a Minimum Unit Price for alcohol affects population levels of alcohol related harm.

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