I have been the Senior Charge Nurse in Surgical High Dependency at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh for the past 5 years. Previous to this I have 14 years Intensive Care Experience Band 5 – 7 and I have also spent 3 years in Theatre Recovery and Surgical/Urology areas in the Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline as a Band 5. I have achieved my RGN, Bachelors Degree in Nursing and now I have just completed my MSc in Advancing Nursing Practice and am due to graduate on December 1st 2017.

My interest in Alcohol withdrawal came from incidents (Datix) where violence and aggression had been reported and investigating why patients were responding in this way putting staff and themselves at risk. Part of the problem was alcohol but also nicotine withdrawal, dementia and post-operative delirium.  We have put things in place as preventatives but the Alcohol awareness involves more than my own area, therefore attempting to engage others to assist and reduce the issue which will have benefits not only to the patients but the NHS in general such as reducing treatment costs, Length of Stay and therefore the cost of the patients care.

I have completed my dissertation titled “Does improving nurses knowledge about patients’ alcohol consumption increase post-operative quality of care? – a grounded theory”.